Let CCTV Mule carry the load for you!

Our unique CCTVmule range is designed to make CCTV installation easier to save you time & money!

Designed to overcome problems with difficult installations where running out extra cabling for video, audio and data is too awkward, too costly or just plain impossible.

A CCTVmule comes to the rescue by letting you run multiple signals down just one cable such as a co-ax, CAT5 or even alarm cable.

There's a model to suit all scenarios.

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Working with HD (TVI, CVI or AHD) or analogue video signals, the HD-Mule is handy to add extra cameras to existing CCTV systems.

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Letting you send an IP signal over co-ax, the IP-Mule is really handy for CCTV upgrades from an old analogue to a new IP system.

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Ideal for linking up monitors to locked away DVRs and NVRs. The HDMI mule can send its signal over CAT5 and even over a network through a switch.


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HD Mule

Send 2 CCTV camera feeds down 1 co-ax cable!

Compatible with TVI, CVI, AHD and analogue the HD Mule makes it really easy to add extra cameras.

Perfect if you don't have access to run any more cables, even data cables, underground. The clever electronics of the Mule allow it to carry 2 video feeds along the same RG59 co-ax cable enabling the operator to monitor 2 cameras from a different location. This saves time, money and mess!

IP Mule

Send IP cameras down co-ax, alarm cable, telephone cable or CAT5 up to 2km!

Simply connect an IP Mule to either end of the cable and you get a network created from one end to the other! It can be used for IP cameras or any other network device you want to connect.

You can even send multiple IP cameras down the one cable using multiple IP Mules, the only limiting factor is the cable type you are using limits the bandwidth available. For example, if you use a 300m co-ax cable the bandwidth will be 100Mbps but a 600m telephone wire will only reach 55 Mbps.


Send HDMI signals over a LAN even through switches!

Our HDMI Mules let you have your DVR or NVR in one room while being able to view and control it with a monitor and remote from another over a network - for example, you'd be able to keep your DVR securely in a locked room while positioning a monitor elsewhere to view any footage and control it via IR remote, which is really handy for CCTV applications!

Simply connect your HDMI transmitter and receiver to one CAT5/6 cable, then the transmitter to a HDMI source device (e.g. a DVR) and the receiver to a monitor. This allows you to view and control the HDMI video from up to 120m away.

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